One Step at a Time

There is definitely a point when you stand there in all your rubble and come to a sober realization that your life is an absolute mess. But how in the world do you even begin to clean this up? Where do you start? And how can you find energy move forward?

This feeling is very intimate to me because I've not only experienced it once, I've experienced it twice. The first time realizing my identity conformed to my own expectations of what I thought others wanted of me instead of being true to who I was and the second time falling from an all time high because I built my foundation on stilts in a hurry.

So there's this whole mess we're looking at, be it poor health, debt, rocky relationships, a job that's draining your soul... and the question is, what do you do about it now?

There's wisdom in the cliche saying: Take it one step at a time.

The first thing I like to do, whether I'm looking to revolutionize my personal journey or bring on some new, positive habits is to write out what life would look and feel like when all things are in balance. It's important to marinate on that feeling so you can navigate as you go.

The next step is to identify two or three immediate things you can do to improve each category. If you're looking to improve your health, an example of this might be raiding the kitchen and ridding it of all the junk food in sight. You can also list new and easy habits you'd like to form. The key word is: easy. We want to generate the habit of accumulating habits in a satisfying manner.

After generating your list pick the task that will be the simplest and most rewarding to perform. Do not move on to the next task until you've completed the first or integrated the new habit seamlessly into your life.

From here you continue on, one step at a time.

Over the course of a week, a few months, onto a year you'll see how easy it was to organize and take control over your life, one step at a time. 😊

If you'd like to see how I engage this method in my new years resolutions, be sure to watch the video here.